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Everything in the universe is either in balance or seeking balance.




Fostering the Alphabiotic Effect Without the Physical Moves

Daryl Sprout

Immersed in metaphysics since age 19. Studied Accupressure, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do and polarity work. Certified in Alphabiotics 1990. Reiki Master level by 2010. Further attunements to Karuna, Kundalini and Zero Point, led to the exciting discovery of a hybrid he calls Zero Point Integration. 35 years in the making, this system has consistently proven effective for pain remediation, trauma recovery, and the demonstrable restoration of balance and homeostasis - regardless of proximity or distance.

How it Works

Utilizing Reiki as the carrier wave, ZPI links into the body’s energy centers and the field that surrounds it, to assess and tap into the disparate neuroelectrical rhythms of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. A subtly complex internal combination of surrender and intent begins to foster synchronization. As the balance symbol is reached, the pulses merge until they are fully integrated. Zero Point can then be focused on any remaining areas of discomfort or concern.

What it Does

Hemispheric lateralization of the brain is, hormonally (and in other ways) a survival state. A fight-or-flight response. Working in a priority way, the brain regards survival as a higher priority than healing, maintenance, and regeneration. Returned to homeostasis, the organism as a whole begins to work all of the self-healing miracles that are our natural birthright.
It has even proven recently, to work on groups, although this requires direct contact.


We do not have souls. We ARE souls. We have bodies. And regardless of their condition, they are the the most valuable things we will ever own. The power that heals the body, is the power that made it. Zero Point is the original state of any system, and thus ZPI reintigrates us with the innate capabilities and capacities we were born with.

Any Issue
Any Challenge
Any Distance

— We do not have souls. We ARE souls. We have bodies. —

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What I do require is real-time feedback and I prefer to talk with you directly, for multiple reasons, but I have had significant success via text.

The first session is on the house, and future sessions will be a matter of moderate donations.

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